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I'm a very well rounded person if you get to know me even if i'm slient and only speak when spoken to or hear something i know a fair amount about. But when it comes to major issues i don't hold back and speak my mind. Though be warned. I have a more devious side that I only show when incured on or personaly threatened.


I'm an Earth Worshiper(think extreame natrualist) and only believe that there can only be one source of all life on our planet, Gaia or mother nature. Though this dose not inhibit my vision of the bigger picture. I prefer to look at the world with an open mind but not to much so that i start losing my mind in the prossess. Philosohpy is one of the few things i use to explain what i see and make of the world around me. As well as the univerce an other dimentions.
For the people that don't see it. It is a hard thing to think that the world even trusts American influence anymore. Most of it is done in shadow where more often then not more die for others to survive then what is necessary. What is worse is that those people will have no way of being known. Ever again. As to what they die for... Why? For what cause? There is a far strane on peace. So that cannot last much longer.

Protectors sometimes know nothing until its to late. While others, do know and still have no control other then 'do what you are told' in more senerios that they can be said they have chosen or chose to put up with. Sure peace is something that can be protected. But at what cost? Blood in a way just can be traded for sweat once more. WORK to make it work. The old soviet nation might have gotten close to that. But they lacked the follow though to keep the people healthy though the toughest of times.

Healers despite there own loyalties have only one place at times due to either there own actions or not knowing what really could be done beyond that of what has become the normal "slandered" of our world populations over all health.

Reclaimers are the only ones that have some sort of means to survive without needing to worry about much. Even if they see something "bad" happen its only a matter of time before they take the full on responsibilities of the old world with them at times. When a town or city falls. It falls to them to rebuild and or review what can be and make it happen. Sometimes this means reclaiming the city or town in question. We've seen this before but in times of hardship this will very much become an issue over all. Again, the health of the population comes into question. Struggle for-goes the means to thrive. And once more we are in a state of Anarchy. Which I might add Reclaimers thrive in. We think differently then others. WE KNOW how to get around what most would think false or taboo of some cultures. Setting aside our differences for the sake of building something of our own. It would not be easy to renew an old city or town. But to continue to pull though and survive till the time comes when thriving is possible. NOW THAT is the real method to our madness.

If it were not for some to be completely mad and carrying over the more primal motivations to raid and steal from others. In a way It would be perfect. Just in understanding though that some of those more primal motivations are far exceeding in what allowed our survival on this planet in the first place. If your more predatory in nature, scavenger, or just passive to some extent. We all are human. Eventually it will happen. Something that causes you to turn to the most primal motivation to survive by any means necessary. The fact that you can hold it at bay for as long as possible might be the difference between becoming even more extreme in predatory behaviors will depend on how emotion in general is handled. Sure I sound like I'm making humanity out as being animals. But think of it this way. What about our distant ancestry? They had it SO much harder then what America dose today. TO be able to THRIVE is not any more greater then just surviving and getting by. We wouldn't have protectors or healers without a serious thought into who, what, and why.

I don't pretend to say we need a Utopia but we are stretching out self thin as it is. Technology wise we need to advance before its too late. Or run the risk of ending up on the menu again when we have to start living out doors again. Odd as it sounds. Cannibalistic isn't passed that point either. Desperation and primal instinct can do so much and even drive you over the edge if you let it. As I've stated before.

MY POINT!? You say... Well. Just don't think your safe and sound just yet. We have much more work to do before America can even call its self a Utopia. Of which I'm sure the Free Masons and the Templar Order in general before them had much in common. I'm almost positive Alexander the Great wouldn't be too happy of us wasting our lives not advancing without understanding where we are going today.
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