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I'm a very well rounded person if you get to know me even if i'm slient and only speak when spoken to or hear something i know a fair amount about. But when it comes to major issues i don't hold back and speak my mind. Though be warned. I have a more devious side that I only show when incured on or personaly threatened.


I'm an Earth Worshiper(think extreame natrualist) and only believe that there can only be one source of all life on our planet, Gaia or mother nature. Though this dose not inhibit my vision of the bigger picture. I prefer to look at the world with an open mind but not to much so that i start losing my mind in the prossess. Philosohpy is one of the few things i use to explain what i see and make of the world around me. As well as the univerce an other dimentions.
I know this might be a bit out there. But if I can get a few things strait then that's fine. I'm not perfect at quantum physics nor do I pretend to even close to some of the fundamentalist. Just going to point out a few things that I haven't really seen much of.

We know that gravity has a large roll in our solar system. But what about the galaxies? What do they orbit around? We've seen them shift as we shift but not studied them long enough[let alone our own movement] to even figure out how we are moving about. Compared to a myriad of stars swirling and objects around a blackhole. What about the way a black hole behaves? What can we really see out there that we can observe that has a stronger force to keep our galaxies moveing and floating about as they do? Sure the answer would be obvious. But again there is the problem. Gravity might be the big question here. If there is another force I haven't heard of then thats my fault for sure. But if there isn't. What is it other then the space time that Dr. Hawking mentions?

We've seen much more then what our telescopes and minds can comprehend. But time space in dose get wacky. So the black space in between our galaxies despite them having some stars in between what about the collection of stars them selfs? What if a multitude of mass in one place can pull on another? Like dropping a weight heavier then the other mass on a lever and fulcrum.

The other possiblity is that black holes could very well be attracted to other stars outside its range. If thats so... then the Andromeda galaxy proves to be one of the few things we might hopefully be able to witness. That answer could very well have to wait. But we do know that so far that somehow both the Milky Way and Andromeda's black holes have some attraction. Each a feast then "let it set" sort of black hole. So it would come into question what sorts of matter it attracts and or repells. So far we know that it will eat stars and other matter whole. When you think of it trying to eat another blackhole however... The fact that the two could become a super mass would almost indefinably solve that issue once and for all. So we can wait or keep testing and hope we don't need to worry about surviving for that long.

Laws of attraction, could that very well be an answer? Something so simple we've over looked it for so long. If that is so we could end up useing this to make a solar sail that could very well move us farther and faster then we've been able to before. However... being able to make it function so we can start and stop at will would pose an issue.

Keep thinking. Keep moveing forward. We'll get closer to being able to explore stuff up close. I hope.
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