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I'm a very well rounded person if you get to know me even if i'm slient and only speak when spoken to or hear something i know a fair amount about. But when it comes to major issues i don't hold back and speak my mind. Though be warned. I have a more devious side that I only show when incured on or personaly threatened.


I'm an Earth Worshiper(think extreame natrualist) and only believe that there can only be one source of all life on our planet, Gaia or mother nature. Though this dose not inhibit my vision of the bigger picture. I prefer to look at the world with an open mind but not to much so that i start losing my mind in the prossess. Philosohpy is one of the few things i use to explain what i see and make of the world around me. As well as the univerce an other dimentions.
Before I get into this fully I'd like to give you a bit of a background on some of the things I would do with this sort of thing. Sure I have my own regrets but it is also a healthy thing to realize this. Sometimes you need to look more towards what you would change rather then what can be changed in the past. That way we know where we can go from point point to the next and be conferrable with that.

There isn't a single day in my life that I wouldn't change. Just so that I wouldn't have to come to earth. And find true
love all the sooner. Possibly never even need to go thought he trials that I have up to this day. The day I wait for my
own kinds demise. I feel trapped here. I feel like I don't belong. Why? At heart I always wanted nothing more then a
family to truly be with. The biggest family that never needed to quarrel but understood each other for who they where
even to the deepest depths of there heart and soul. A family that can experience things together and share there insight on
what happened.

So ask your self, what would you change if you had such and ability. Not only to change your past but just what you would believe, remove, or add to your own experience in life. This of course would also get rid of any prior experience you had. No memories of your prior life. You would still have the same body you had before the trip though time though.

In short this thought exercise is just that nothing more. It is still a good place to see where you stand with your self and the personal life choices you make.

  • Think back to your childhood and remember the choises you made. If there is anything you can/wish you could change then do so. This can include family or friends. Only the ones your closest to.
  • Move on to your mid-life or pre-teen years. What has changed from the choices you've made in your childhood?
  • If you are still unsatisfied with these choices you are more then welcome to change a few. However keep in mind that you still will have no recollection of what choices you made at that time.
  • Once you've done that repeat the first along the lines of adult hood, working life, and elderly life. You might be surprised what you find in your self to be able to predict/understand things that you didn't know about your self or your perception of others.
  • If not then your quite an original person, be proud of that. I wont say where you should go from there. But think of it along the lines of the movie Divergent. Sometimes no one person fits into a major category or stereo typical mindset.

  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: Zack:

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