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I'm a very well rounded person if you get to know me even if i'm slient and only speak when spoken to or hear something i know a fair amount about. But when it comes to major issues i don't hold back and speak my mind. Though be warned. I have a more devious side that I only show when incured on or personaly threatened.


I'm an Earth Worshiper(think extreame natrualist) and only believe that there can only be one source of all life on our planet, Gaia or mother nature. Though this dose not inhibit my vision of the bigger picture. I prefer to look at the world with an open mind but not to much so that i start losing my mind in the prossess. Philosohpy is one of the few things i use to explain what i see and make of the world around me. As well as the univerce an other dimentions.
This is more of a drunk reflections on things. So... if you hate me later for what I'm saying. I ask you to at least be nice and try to ignore it or offer some sort of sympathy or insight without being mean.

Not sure really what to believe. I mean we have so much in the way of technological advancement and yet we still have no balance between the sciences. All these particals we descovered and nothing to do with them. "Negative energy" and yet the ideas that some of the more spiritually minded people have are more interested in this. I find a more simple way of dealing with this by either going with the flow or having a serious talk with someone who isn't of the same mind as I am. I still give up the hope that both religion and science can find that medium between in that we still belong to earth regardless of how long we live. Bone or ash its still the same sort of carbon we eventually become. As for our souls well... some just stay its our frontal lobe. How about I don't care for that sort of thing. All I care about is peace. A lasting peace if not for a few years then at least for a day or two to reflect on what we are as a human race. To be able to confide in our self that we can live with the decisions of what we have done to our planet and our social structure as a whole.

We continue to beat our self over the head time and time again. But what is it that really allows us to stay sane if we all but want to end up fighting over resources so we can have it our way? There is no sanity to that. Only destruction and cultural collapse. Whats worse we are seeing it now. I only offer one solution to a problem that has plagued humanity for so long. Philosophy can only go so far. We also lack the incite and courage to continue on these days. We are becoming old, wiser, and colder.

In the words of Charlie Chaplin -A Great American Dictator-, "...Greed has poisened mens souls, has baracaded the world with hate, has goosestepped us into mysary and bloodshed. We have developed speed, but we have shut our selfs in, machinery that has given us abundince but has left us in want. Our knowlage has made us cynical. Our cleverness hard and unkind. We think to much and feel to little. More then machinery we need humanity, more then cleverness, we need kindness and genteelness. Without these qualities, all will be violent, and all will be lost...."

So yes, we are heading down that path. Our ancestors saw it coming, yet did we listen to them... Such sadness and mysary that I have suffered watching you all. But it is not my experience alone. We've lost so many to the angst, vigor, and zeal that we so willingly forge twards that we blind our self to our own personal survival. Not just as an advance society, but as a race, a true race of humanity. Selfless before selfishness is needed now more then ever. We will never survive as one without a true understanding of each others knowledge, feeling, and over all humanity.

I only write this because not only am I suffering, but millions of billions suffer each day without our selfless acts. Our world is burning, and we I am sad to say are the fire starters. Unwilling to take matters into a truth that has long eluded our own life beyond what is known. If you can understand that, then there might be hope after all.

I pray to whatever creator may exists that we may find our center, our source. And remove all that would hinder us. Just for one day at the very least and help your fellow man or woman whoever that may need it most.
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